Pharrell Williams occupied the oldest bridge in Paris for his first Louis Vuitton men’s fashion show, fueling a wind of transformation in the fashion world. Exploring the ever-changing landscape in which the “star system” stands as an influential force, reshaping the dynamics of the industry with its celestial allure and distorted presence


Fashion and History share a profound connection – akin to a sisterhood – gracefully cohabiting and influencing the world. However, in the present era, they have transformed into a captivating mosaic of daily self-expressions. The grand narrative has been replaced by individual narratives, a one-to-one relationship that now prevails. In this intriguing atmosphere of suspended drama, ancient conflicts have faded away, leaving little space for the sweeping epic of History. Ideologies are dead, there are no longer any major movements to join, political parties last a season. Outbreaks of revolt all different and circumscribed turn on and off every time we turn on the computer. The identities of adversaries are no longer clear, yet one thing remains unmistakable: the uncertainty of our own standing.
Within this prevailing trend, LVMH finds its place. The inclusion of Pharrell Williams as creative director of menswear at French fashion house Louis Vuitton, epitomizes the growing inclination to bestow honors upon celebrities, cementing the supremacy of “star power” in our collective consciousness. Showgirls now hold positions as newspaper editors, and influencers receive honorary degrees, solidifying their authority.
The fashion show itself served as a harmonious blend of contemporary trends and timeless heritage. Pharrell, in his creative vision, reimagined a new streetwear style while reviving the iconic Damier pattern, employing pixelation and camouflage techniques, renaming it Damouflage. This collection not only brims with innovation but also pays homage to the past, as evidenced by the reintroduction of the revered Speedy trunks, now available in both classic and vibrant hues. The fashion spectacle offered an all-encompassing experience, encompassing college bomber jackets, generously sized faux fur coats, stylish tracksuits, and meticulously embroidered denim inspired by the artistry of renowned American artist Henry Taylor.
We can call it a kind of convergence between entertainment and fashion, between mass appeal and luxury; where the “stars” moving slowly like a marching band and picking up speed with market stalls, strobe lights, lollipops and balloons, earrings, necklaces, extravagant headdressess and zum paraparapa zum paraparapa zum pa pa!