An Harmonious encounters surrounded utility and beauty, the new collaboration between Moncler and Pharrell Williams embodies a captivating fusion of community centred values and a profound passion for the outdoor lifestyle

Moncler x Pharrell is inspired by “glamping“, a blend of camping and luxury, where design and attention to detail are paramount. The collection is designed to be suitable for both outdoor activities and the fast-paced city life, characterised by a fascinating contrast between organic forms and architectural geometries. This diversity is reflected in the details: from the soft feather padding of a jacket to the pyramid-shaped tip of another garment, with fluid shapes on one side and pyramid-tipped pieces on the other.

Pharrell, the visionary artist, has also included vests, essential elements of the collection, featuring a three-dimensional diamond pattern that makes them ideal for layering, for a sophisticated yet casual look. The slate grey, moss green and ice color palette further emphasises the harmonious connection between city and nature. The concept of garment versatility is fundamental: zippers allow you to lengthen and shorten pants, a blanket doubles as a cape, a jacket becomes a practical fishing vest thanks to removable sleeves.
Functionality is a style statement accentuated by detachable pockets and keychains to attach to the pieces. Even the logo patch is removable and multifunctional, allowing anyone wearing the collection to personalise it freely. Pharrell Williams’ unique talent in creating garments that define a recognisable style, combined with Moncler’s in-depth knowledge of functionality, translates into a camping experience that combines comfort.


Photos courtesy Moncler