Libraries are oases of knowledge, serenity and inspiration, capable of evoking a sense of wonder and discovery in anyone who sets foot in them. From Milan to London, from New York to Shanghai with a special event in New York, the Montblanc global campaign celebrates the library as an in- spiring force in cities around the world


The library represents an open window on the identity and history of a culture or a city. The origins of the Maison are deeply rooted in the culture of writing, as for Montblanc, the universe of words is represented through the place of the library or book- shop. The power of conservation through bookshelves is an opportunity to be inspired by the words kept inside thousands of pages, develop new ideas and stimulate the imagination.

 The last chapter of The Library Spirit campaign is an invitation to discover identities dynamics of New York and Shanghai through their literary spaces, as with every city in the world, they have a charm, a spirit and a style unique expressions that reflect where they are located. 

‘’Libraries and bookstores offer a compelling and fascinating look at the soul of a city, of a Country, of a culture. They are places of revelation, inspiration and creativity, where stories find refuge and ideas are carefully guarded waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. This campaign has taken us all over the world because, even if words have universal power, every city suffers different influences, which find expression in libraries. The people who experience them have unique personalities and styles, but Montblanc is always there to accompany them on their journey of discovery”, says Marco Tomasetta, Artistic Director of the Maison.  

The images show how through literal spaces the protagonists of the campaign un-  derline the importance of the desk as an intimate and personal space  where books are read and intuitions are developed which will then be fixed on  paper through Montblanc writing instruments.   New York hosts its own network of libraries, a hub  international of suggestions, capable of attracting creative and passionate minds from  Worldwide. Its lively art scene accompanied by the singularity of its architecture and  museums represent the perfect space for the exchange and development of creative thoughts. This pioneering, innovative and vibrant spirit lives in the identity of  every New Yorker.  The campaign was set in the iconic New York Public Library in the Midtown neighborhood  Manhattan, home to the famous Rose Main Reading Room, the historic Beaux-Art  building houses a vast collection of books and maps.  The other location in the countryside,  a modern loft in the West Village, enhances the desk as a personal and intimate  space dedicated to  reading books, the birth of ideas and their subsequent development on paper.  Made by the internationally renowned photographer Mariano Vivanco. 

 “Walking the streets of New York is like immersing yourself in an ocean of limitless  energy and creativity. It is the place where every creative mind would like to be: it  has seen countless ideas born  revolutionaries that have profoundly influenced the cultural landscape. This episode  of The  Library Spirit has a particular charm, because the philosophy of the Maison has a  lot in common with that  of New York: the pioneering spirit that fuels Montblanc’s innovative process is the  same as  it pushes New Yorkers to set new standards with bold, original ideas, and that  makes it the place  perfect for the Extreme 3.0 collection”, explains Marco Tomasetta, Artistic Director  of Montblanc. 


In the city of Shanghai, however, the location, a local bookshop, perfectly represents the mix of tradition and modernity that characterizes the city: its  impressive selection of literary works in a traditionally furnished setting  contrasted  to the ultra-modern panorama of the Lujiazui skyline in the background.

  In the 1920s, Grate Gross, head of advertising, profoundly influenced the visual  language of the Maison, through the design images that inspired the protagonist  accessories  of this last final episode, the Extreme 3.0 leather goods collection.  Rational and geometric, his graphic style was a direct reference to the then current  movement  Bauhaus; the new accessories therefore merge a design principle limited in form  and parsimonious in innovative space with new shades as in the case  of the new Bag 142 characterized by an elegant and elongated design that recalls  the plunger of the  Meisterstück writing instrument, the ink filling system used since 1948 or  of the envelope and backpack with M LOCK 4810 buckle inspired by the world of  climbing. The color palette enhances the fern blue, a refined shade of teal color, also broadening the  accessories available in British green and in wrought iron gray to which is added a  special bright silver variant.  The leather goods are joined by the StarWalker SpaceBlue Metal fineliner writing  instrument, the  1858 Iced Sea Gray Dial timepiece and the new MTB 03 in-ear earphones. All the  proposals  they combine functionality and elegance and are designed to accompany you on  your journey towards your own  success.  To celebrate the conclusion of the campaign, two exclusive events were organized  in New York and  Shanghai. In New York, in the same location where the new campaign was shot,  the exclusive loft of Stephan Weiss Studios, a special cocktail party followed by a  DJ took place  set curated by super DJ Peggy Gou.

Montblanc  Animated by the spirit of patronage that has characterized it since 1906, Montblanc has revolutionized culture of writing with extraordinary innovations, becoming synonymous with design and craftsmanship of the highest quality. Today, the House continues to push boundaries and advance the evolution of craftsmanship artisanal, achieving excellence in all its product categories: fine writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and various types of accessories. In line with the Maison’s mission to create refined life companions born from the most innovative ideas and masterfully crafted by the expert hands of its artisans, the iconic Montblanc emblem is today an indisputable synonym of attention to detail as a revealing mirror of one’s passion. As part of the commitment to supporting those who dedicatedly pursue their own passions in order to leave their mark, Montblanc continues to promote training pro- grams in around the world and initiatives that inspire people to reach their full potential.