Text: Marco Martello

She, coal and ash and coal. She, the muse. She, fire but blood but fire.

Antonio Marras – designer, Italian designer – hears the call of the land of the last contrast: bells, sheeps, bells ringing. Antonio Marras – in rooms, atmosphere rooms – strips himself, talking about tension and perversion. He, the time: incubators, wheelchairs, incubators. Antonio Marras – director, Italian director – draws and dreams and draws the essence of the fracture, animating Louise Bourgeois. He, the time of the time: wheelchairs, incubators, wheelchairs. The man who questions exploring the incomplete, the inconcrete lives on the suggestion of the provocation.

Antonio Marras: Nulla dies sine linea – the exhibition (curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti), an exhibition that focuses on the thoughts, vision and particular language of a fashion designer who willingly opens a dialogue between garments, pieces of art, installations and various ways of expression – will be held, at La Triennale di Milano (Viale Alemagna 6, Milan), till January 2017. The catalogue – SKIRA editions – is available in English, Italian.

She, the muse thunders (…on the voyage, sea voyage to the epilogue, prologue, epilogue of the nocturnal, the universal).