In the highly anticipated and celebrated night of the golden statuettes, where numerous cinema masterpieces triumphed, significant messages of peace were left

words Diletta Marsili

The spotlights come on and the curtain rises, thus begins the ninety-sixth edition of the 2024 Oscars which, amidst awards and humanitarian messages, has much to say. Predictable but far from disappointing, the evening’s most prominent awards were bestowed upon personalities such as Christopher Nolan, Cillian Murphy, and Emma Stone who, overwhelmed with emotions, delivered touching and committed acceptance speeches.


Foremost among them was the speech by the Irishman Murphy who, after thanking colleagues and family members, fixed his gaze on the camera lens and dedicated the award “to the peacemakers around the world.” Themes of peace and ceasefire were the leitmotifs of the evening, presented in different ways by actors and actresses, from wearing badges in support of the cause to making statements on the red carpet; the opinions of celebrities were heard loud and clear.

Last night’s event, filled with splendor and excitement, made people dream in every corner of the world but… is it right?

Is it right to fantasize when in a country not too far away everything is falling apart?

The world of cinema is vast and diverse, where entertainment and social commitment coexist, making this industry as glamorous as it is human. What is certain is the congratulations to all the great artists present and awarded last night who, for one evening, lifted us from thoughts larger than ourselves.