Text by Diletta Accorroni

The spirit is always the same one, Authentic since its birth. It’s the spirit of Rebellion towards Conformity, and the rejection of any kind of passive acceptance of roles and conventions. It’s not by chance that the fashion brand Chester Perry, well-known for its screen-printed tees, has been founded at the beginning of the Roaring Seventies. The company name will then turn into C.P. Company, in 1978. At the head of the project stands the effervescent mind of the Bolognese Massimo Osti, a young graphic designer who is now, thanks to a dazzling career, the undisputed ‘Godfather of urban sportswear’ and Master of garment dyeing. C.P. Company – a dry, quick, concise and effective name that today embodies a trustworthy Revolution along the history of sportswear. Functionality, accurate research, superb aesthetic taste, innovation, obsessive attention to details, Italian know-how and curiosity towards the new trends and techniques: these are just a few of the brand DNA which can be easily captured in the FW20 capsule collection, made in collaboration with the legendary Gore Company.

Roaring 20s_C.P. Company x Gore-Tex capsule collection FW20_sportswear_urban

The Gore Fabrics Division literally changed the outerwear industry through the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabrics about 40 years ago, and since then it remains the leading innovator of performance apparel. The protagonist of the GORE-TEX x C.P. COMPANY Project is the Gore-Tex Infinium Technology which offers persistent beading protection and comfort, with a distinctive touch.

Roaring 20s_C.P. Company x Gore-Tex capsule collection FW20_sportswear_urban

The innovative Gore membrane works as the outer surface, which means that water simply beads and runs right off. With no outer textile fabric layer, there is no build-up of moisture on the surface, and doing so the jacket stays light and keeps the body warm and comfortable. The distinctive surface also acts as a barrier against wind.

Roaring 20s_C.P. Company x Gore-Tex capsule collection FW20_sportswear_urban

The capsule features the remastered Metropolis Jacket, a light medium jacket, a high neck sweatshirt and two hooded sweatshirts. All of them characterised by the Urban Protection detachable badge and the iconic C.P. pockets.

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