C.P. Company continues its Eyes On The City global project, a tribute to the community of fans of the iconic Goggle Jacket

For more than forty years, C.P. Company have witnessed the growth of a genuine cult around its brand – an international and cross-generational community that has even invented a fresh new photography subgenre, the portrait taken from behind the back, to highlight the hood of the Goggle Jacket, with the urban landscape as background.
Eyes On The City is designed to pay homage to this original photography trend created by the fans, with a view to inviting them to share (through the hashtags #cpcompany #eyesonthecity) the images of their city, explored and inhabited wearing the Goggle Jacket. In addition to this initiative, C.P. Company is circulating a number of videos starring artists, musicians and creative people from several nations, who describe the cities they live in from their unique perspectives.

The fourth installment in the ongoing series is centered around the city of Tokyo, as seen through the eyes of Akira Nakai. Internationally known simply as Nakai-San, Akira is the founder of Rauh Welt Begriff Tuning Shop in the Chiba prefecture, not far from the north eastern Tokyo city limits. He his famous for building, by hand, some of the most amazing modifications on planet. His passion for cars begun in the early Nineties’ Japanese drifting scene. At the end of the decade that passion became love for the tuning art. Akira thinks customizing a car means, simply, freedom. The result may be slightly imperfect, but it has to be true, to be artisanal, to be beautiful. Tuning a car means seeing what you love with new eyes, it means also taking all your experience, learn from it, use it to create something new.

That’s what also C.P. Company does since its very first foundation.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Goggle Jacket was inspired by great drivers from the past, not looking in the rear-view mirrors, but straight through the windshield, towards the future.