Through detail-oriented research, MYDO.WORLD creates non-polluting luxury developed from first-hand natural materials that, being fully recyclable and biodegradable, stay true to the brand’s ecological vision

Text by: Domenico Costantini

Editing by: Gilda Bruno

With a name embodying the power of an advertising claim and the energy of a mantra, MYDO.WORLD is a brand that invites its consumers to become the protagonists of their own actions. Choosing to believe that the echo of every responsible action reverberates throughout the world, the label presents opulent collections in luxurious natural and organic fabrics for all occasions, ranging from formal wear to leisurewear, from sleepwear to loungewear, for both adults and children. 

All items are made entirely of natural fibers selected in the interests of sustainable consumption. Hemp, organic bamboo, nettle, cotton, and fibers derived from algae complete the initial product line. Ongoing research will continue into natural materials with surprising performance. The cotton and linen fabrics used for bed sheets, bathrobes, and towels are also abundantly suited to the needs of the contract sector, where hotel linens must undergo aggressive disinfection and marine ship products must withstand the natural forces of sun and saltwater while also maintaining a tactile feel that exudes luxury and extreme comfort. 

Mechanically extracted in its natural colours and without the use of chemicals, hemp fiber is not only soft, hypo-allergenic, and antibacterial; yet, thanks to its tubular structure, it is also the best insulator. It resists both heat and cold, protecting the body in an envelope that preserves its natural microclimate. Recent technological developments in spinning and weaving have raised this fibre to the highest level of sophistication required by the fashion world. 

Virtuous entrepreneurial paths have found their point of convergence in the desire for responsibly created products, the result of in-depth research from agriculture to spinning, from weaving to packaging. Creations that embrace the concept of comfort and usability, suitable for any occasion that returns to nature without contaminating it, as they are entirely biodegradable.

MYDO.WORLD PRÊT – À – PORTER is a collection for those seeking an authentic, conscious and  responsible lifestyle. The first collaboration is signed by Valentina Nervi, who wanted to dress an androgynous woman so sure of her femininity that she opted for loose and comfortable garments that wink at her wardrobe. Binding garments, clean and essential in the shapes, but extrapolated from the loungewear context by dressing the daily lifestyle. For the more sophisticated ones, the line also offers are a selection of nightdresses that caress the body and seductive transparencies to keep under a jacket. 

The barriers between inside and outside disappear: clothing always remains comfortable, with a feeling of ease reflecting that of the best home atmosphere; endless outerwear to match with trousers, playing with transparencies and overlays for the recognisable feminine style of Valentina Nervi. An oddity, a common thread in every collection (current and future): a garment, a red accessory. This is MYDO.WORLD’s tribute to the search for the perfect red by Diana Vreeland, not only a fashion editor but also the woman who most influenced visual art and culture in the last century. The one chosen by Valentina Nervi is a fiery red, which will complete the proposal of timeless white, grey, and black. 

The goal of MYDO.WORLD is to optimise the degree of sustainability at each production phase, all the way to the packaging which, in order to guarantee the goal of being zero waste, will be reusable for other purposes: be they domestic, fashion, or travel-related and, naturally, non-polluting. A public that responds to stimuli and contributes to diminishing waste to protect the world: this is the wish of MYDO.WORLD, which reminds us that the freedom of choice we enjoy is the most important tool to determine our future. And from the MYDO.WORLD collections stems an alternative and innovative answer of absolute quality.